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Monday, December 30, 2013

Kpop Song Of The Week

After a long break this weeks Kpop song of the week goes to Young Junhyung’s Flower. This song is right up my alley on so many levels. The slow beat, Yongs rapping and singing its amazing. This video is just about avant-garde and artistic as you can get in Kpop and I eat stuff like that up; especially in the case of my B2ST boys Yong Junhyun is the gorg juicy lipped rapper of the bunch. 

He is quite easily becoming one of my favorite writers and producers. The song itself and the melody are quite beautiful and melodic. I really want to see more from Yong and really adore his artistic direction and perspective. The video is crisp and visually picturesque.

The flowers in the video aren’t just merely decoration they are used in many metaphors and are incorporated in smart ways; My favorite being the shot through the heart and the blood being rose petals.  Girls don't bleed, we petal.

The fact that the name of the song is an actual concept in the video and is being used creatively is quite rare in Kpop but executed perfectly here.

Yong’s voice and style are equally lovable.  The melody of the song with the trumpet near the end makes me swoon. This has easily become a 2013 favorite and will be replayed over and over. Please check out the video below.


Monday, July 8, 2013

KPop Song of The Week

This weeks kpop song of the week is Sistar's Give It To Me. Oh yeah...they went there, and I quote "Baby give it to me, I'm sorry thats all I need." Yeah.. she isn't talking about the remote, maybe the credit card, but I'm pretty sure she's talkin bout the D. Cause sometimes that all we need, no chatter, just the D. ANY WAY... I love love love this song. Now last week 2NE1 released there comeback song Fallin In Love and I just wasn't feeling it; Great song and dance but when it came to thinking of a female groups comeback that I thoroughly enjoyed it was Sistar's Give It To Me. Oh my ga, that piano in the beginning and the angelic vocals of Hyorin was everything. The video had a very Moulin Rouge burlesque feel to it with lace, feathers, sequin the whole shebang and it was perfect.

I needed these outfits yesterday..

The girls thrust and popped and created a hit that is still, after being released June 10, number 1 on the Billboards Kpop Charts. This is a song to throw on when your fresh out the shower and about to get real sexy. Please checkout the incredible video. By the way after the song there is a couple of seconds of the girls making the video and it is very cute.

Let me know what you guys think and quite honestly I want to know what you guys think about the 2NE1 comeback. There have been a good amount of sexy themed comebacks and I understand if they are trying to make themselves stand apart but in all honesty it didn't out do their hit "I Love You". But this post is about the sexy Sistar, how are guise feeling the video?


Thursday, July 4, 2013

4th of July Face of The Day

Hope you guise have a happy 4th! Much love, clarity, and peace.

Monday, July 1, 2013

Kpop Side Note...

"Yeah...I'm this fine"- thinks to himself
Himchan....why you gotta be so fine?- said my sad ass all the way in America


KPop Song of The Week

Aww to be young and figuring out life and all its mysteries...

The Kpop song of the week is B.A.P with their debut single "Coffee Shop". I chose a previous song of B.A.P's, One Shot, for my first KPop song of the week and there is a clear difference in style and visual from the two videos. One Shot was very aggressive, very cocky, and bloody. Coffee Shop is smooth, with a relaxing melody and all instrumental background. The sound of the music definitely would fit being in a coffee shop. I enjoyed the song and its on repeat at my home, the video was very beautiful with all of the members exploring New York and not dripping sweaty masculinity. I love both sides of B.A.P honestly, the tough and the vulnerable. more important matters....

Kill it with fire- said everyone about that hat.

That hat.....that horrible hat. This video as sweet as it was, spent more than enough time trying to sell me this horrible church lady hat. And not only did they attempt to sell me this hat, they tried twice... in another color. I truly feel embarrassed for idols when they are told "Yeah this is totally hip and trendy, WEAR IT!". This hat is not  or stylish, lets just bury this hat in a time capsule with pastel kpop pants and Fx's wardrobe. ANYWAYS...
Enjoy the video, I did!


Friday, June 28, 2013

Thursday, June 27, 2013

KPop Song of The Week...

Why can't American boys dress like this?

                         Nuest with their "girl why you gotta treat me so bad ballad" Hello.
There is no faster way for a man to get back on my good side, let alone in my heart, than by calling me and asking if I've eaten (if its implied his going to feed me). This song is so fricken sweet, I get teen girl butterflies every time I hear it. The video is very sad, watching these beautiful boys geting their lil hearts broken, but when I separated the video from the lyrics I clearly see why she didn't answer the phone. Yall are too damn clingy  I appreciate love and attention, but whoa whoa...slow down. You don't have to blow up my phone, or run faster to see me, if we agreed to meet we'll meet. Sheesh these Kpop boys, still love them. Any way, the song is beautiful its the only song from Nuest that I like. Wasn't the biggest fan of "FACE" (appreciated the message though) and the clothing in "Action" well there are just some things in life I cant get past (poor Ren). Here is the video:

Let me know your thoughts on the song and on this boy group in general. They are considered a rookie group and I believe they have a lot of potential. If you need to ask the blonde is a boy and his name is Ren....just google it.


Making Makeup Brushes New Again- My Method

Lets talk! Life sucks when its that time of the month you know. So the best thing to do is to grab a cool drink, pop on a movie, and clean dem brushes gurl!

Thats right brush cleaning, the funnest thing to do next to cleaning the litter box. I always dreaded washing my brushes though nothing can beat a fresh and clean makeup brush, the process of cleaning them (sometimes 50+ or more) was always an event. Luckily I've stumbled across a few products and a new method that has made the task fun and so effective. There are six things that I need when preparing to clean my brushes:

  1.  My handy dandy Sigma Spa Brush Cleaning Glove
  2. A good dish soap
  3. Olive oil
  4. Benjabelle Brush Tree
  5. A medium-large bowl
  6. Kpop music.....lots of it....just because.
    I'll have some cake later Yoseob, have to clean my brushes now boy...
Before I dive into my brush cleaning method; a lot of people have mixed feelings regarding the Sigma cleaning glove. Some love it, some think its ridiculous, but I think we can all agree upon the fact that it is over priced. I actually love the glove. I feel as though my brush gets an amazing cleaning and that the process is faster then using a wash cloth or any other product. The material dosent come off as flimsy  it seems steady and ready to be used multiple times. So would I recommend the glove? Hells yeah. Does the price suck?  You bet. But knowing I dont have to buy another glove and the fact that it makes my brushes super clean(i.e. no soap or oil residue), the 40 bucks is worth it...sorry haters! That wasn't nice...oh well. On to the process. Unfortunately I decided to take pictures after I already cleaned my brushes, so next time I will have a video of the actually step by step method.

First I put a good amount of soap and a small amount of olive oil (depends on the amount of brushes your washing) in my bowl. The soap is meant to remove product build up and remove the bacteria from your brushes, the olive oil is meant to condition the hairs of your brush so the softness doesn't get stripped from the soap. Next I run some luke warm water, get my Sigma glove wet, pick up a brush, dip it in my soap & olive oil mixture and follow five simple steps of cleaning with the Sigma glove which are wash, rinse, refine, rinse, and shape. This step is pretty fast. The soap and oil mixture remove all traces of makeup from my brushes and the glove removes all traces of soap and oil from the brushes. 

I stack the brushes on a flat surface as I clean them and once finished I place them in my brush tree. Simple. Easy. Done. I will make a video of this process very soon with before and after photos of my brushes, so stay tuned. This method of brush cleaning has been perfect for me thus far. How do you clean your brushes at home?

Let The Makeup and Kpop Flow Like Wine

Hey guise! 
Nothing says classy like bra straps!

Well I’ve been gone a long while and life has changed a lot since my last post. 


A man tried to break into my home while I was in my bedroom….yup. A good old fashioned home invasion. It was completely horrifying and I decided that I didn’t feel safe where I was and needed a change of scenery. Besides the trauma, I stayed for a month in my old apartment (to get things together) and moved. So now the kibi’s and me have a new home and are feeling comfortable and safe.  I am preparing to hit this blog full force and there will be a huge amount of steady content so I look forward to the future!

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Sweet Treats: MAC Baking Beauties Collection

Hey All!
I am pretty mixed regarding the MAC Baking Beauties Collection. There are many things I love and many things that could DEFINITELY improve. MAC is capable of producing some pretty impressive products; at the same time they are guilty of the exact opposite. From the collection I purchased:

Pure Decoration Lipstick

Raspberry Swirl Lipstick

Lavender Whip Lipstick

Devil’s Food Lipstick

Mooncake Pro Longwear Paint Pot

Éclair Pro Longwear Paint Pot

Reflects Transparent Teal Glitter

I am very happy with the paint pots and the teal glitter, not so much with the lipsticks. I’ve reviewed each product individually so if you click the product above, it will take you to the review. If you have full lips and want to remotely even make any of the lipsticks work I advise you to lip line your lips so it’s less likely that the product will settle into lip lines. Did you get a chance to purchase any items from this collection? How are products working for you? How did you feel about this collection?

MAC Archie Collection

Products from left to right. Betty Pigment in Lucky in Love, Betty Pigment in Cheers My Dear, Betty Nail Lacquer in Pep Pep Pep, Betty Nail Lacquer Comic Cute, Archie's Girls Pearlmatte Face Powder in Flatter Me,  Veronica Powder Blush in Prom Princess, Betty Lipstick in Betty Bright, Veronica Lipstick in Daddy's Little Girl, Betty Lipstick in Oh, Oh, Oh, Veronica Lipstick in Ronnie Red, Betty Lipglass in Kiss & Don't Tell, Veronica Lipglass in Strawberry Malt, Veronica Lipglass in Mall Madness
MAC's collections can be so fun and this one by far was very fun.  Besides the lovely packing and the scattered hearts all over the products, I did manage to come across a few favorites. Please click the links to checkout of review of the pictured products!

Kpop Song Of The Week

This week's Kpop song of the week is Orange Caramel's Lipstick. When I listen to the song its like the theme of my blog. Its cute, playful, sexy and about lipstick (among other things). Orange Caramel is a subunit of the group After School and the members are Nana, Lizzy and Rania. The style of the subunit and creative cuteness with makes up makes this my kpop song of the week. The video itself is quirky and just the style I expect to encounter from the ever bright and gorgeous Orange Caramel girls! What do you guys think of the song or any other Orange Caramel song?

This photo below is a promo for the Lipstick song and the make up here isn't far off from the makeup in the video. The brows are thick with color and the eyes pop with glitter and thick lashes. Its fearless and different from the normally natural makeup you see from kpop and I honestly enjoy it.


Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Smokey Teal Glitter Eye Tutorial

Hey Guise,
I've complete my second tutorial! So excited and it was a total blast to shoot. I decided to do a smoky teal eye because I've always loved the teal color but never knew how exactly to wear it. Like usual I just started grabbing my brushes and tools and figured out this easy beautiful look.

This look is very alluring and very girly. I decided to pair the lip with a pale pinkish brown lip and soft rose coral cheek. Its a fierce eye with surrounding soft features. In this tutorial I decided to try some speed up and slow down effects in certain areas so please let me know what you think worked and what you think didn't. I appreciate your views and your opinons. Listed below are all the products I used to achieve the look.
Product's used in this look in order of appearance:

MAC Paint Pot in Painterly (referred to as the cream colored primer)
Mercurious- Lime Crime D'Antoinette Palette
Small Headed Brush- Random brush meaning no brand
Urban Decay Eyeshadow Brush- From Vice Palette
MAC Fix + Spray
MAC Spruced Metallic Pigment
Vespertine- Kat Von D Ladybird Palette
MAC 215 Brush
MAC Uninterrupted
Sigma E40- Tapered Blending Brush
NARS Galapagos
Sephora 10 Pro Crease Brush
MAC Round Midnight
Sephora 17 Pro Precision Crease Brush
Sigma E30- Pencil
MAC Reflects Transparent Teal Glitter
Sonia Kashuk Brush
MAC Wipes
Hello Kitty Pen Pay Eyeliner- Liquid Eyeliner (Discontinued)
Urban Decay 24/7 Eye Pencil- Perversion
MAC Extended Play Lash
MAC 35 Lashes
Kat Von D Tattoo Concealer in Deep 36
MAC Extra Dimension Skinfinish in Shape The Future
MAC Extra Dimension Blush in Flaming Chic
MAC Mineralized Skinfinish in Stereo Rose
Mac Extra Dimension Skinfinish in Superb
MAC Snob Lipstick
MAC Lip Liner in Cream O Spice

Music in video in order of play; I do not own any rights to any of this music I just want to spread awesome KPop music to the general public. Basically a public service right:

Lee Hi- I Am Weird
Lee Hi- Fool
Tablo ft. Jinsil- Bad

Please checkout music from Lee Hi and Tablo at:

Thank you guise for checking out my post and the video, please let me know your thoughts in the comments!


Sunday, April 21, 2013

Kpop Song of The Week..

Hey Beauty Otaku's,

Sorry this is late!
The Kpop song of this week goes to Lee Hi's Rose. When I really like a song I replay like crazy and this song is in heavy rotation at home and at work. Lee Hi's last two hits have had a jazzy cute girl vibe that I dug and it was a fresh image in the kpop scene which I appreciated; then came Rose. Her voice is crystal clear with emotion and warning.. you dont want none of this. The beat and lyrics are beautiful  and I love Lee Hi's voice so much more when its laid over a non-jazzy song. The video for the song is a work of art and her changing makeup and hair are on point. Please checkout the video!


Otaku Treasures

Hey Beauty Otakus
This week I've had my eyes on a limited edition lipstick set from Bite Beauty and a set of limited edition duo fiber brushes from Real Techniques. When it comes to limited edition items my inner battle level is usually at a 9.
My heart is like

"but it will never be made again"

but my brain is like

Well Otaku's I gave into my heart.... and ordered both.

The lipsticks themselves are very interesting and I love real technique brushes to begin with. The lipsticks are new from Bite Beauty and are part 1 of the Cuvee Deluxe Lipstick Collection, which is exclusively sold at (not in stores), what makes them so interesting is that they are derived from Champagne grapes, freshwater Tahitian black pearls, and Japanese silk powder. Fancy huh. The lipsticks themselves are limited to 1200 per shade and not only are the lipsticks new but this is a brand new formula. For $72 bucks for four lipsticks I'm hoping for a stellar product (Sephora's return policy made me feel better about the purchase too), If your interested here is a link to the set: .

Real Technique brushes are the least expensive but most amazing quality brushes I've ever used. For the price range of $5.99-19.99 they are consistent in quality and get your makeup looking nice without breaking the bank. I don't have enough Duo Fiber brushes in my collection so three for the price of $19.99 plus an Ulta coupon, it all adds up to a pretty good deal. If your interested here's a link:

Well what have you guises purchased recently or had your eye on? How are you guise spending your Sunday? I'm spending mine relaxing with a chai lattee and a Twilight Zone marathon.
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