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Thursday, June 27, 2013

Making Makeup Brushes New Again- My Method

Lets talk! Life sucks when its that time of the month you know. So the best thing to do is to grab a cool drink, pop on a movie, and clean dem brushes gurl!

Thats right brush cleaning, the funnest thing to do next to cleaning the litter box. I always dreaded washing my brushes though nothing can beat a fresh and clean makeup brush, the process of cleaning them (sometimes 50+ or more) was always an event. Luckily I've stumbled across a few products and a new method that has made the task fun and so effective. There are six things that I need when preparing to clean my brushes:

  1.  My handy dandy Sigma Spa Brush Cleaning Glove
  2. A good dish soap
  3. Olive oil
  4. Benjabelle Brush Tree
  5. A medium-large bowl
  6. Kpop music.....lots of it....just because.
    I'll have some cake later Yoseob, have to clean my brushes now boy...
Before I dive into my brush cleaning method; a lot of people have mixed feelings regarding the Sigma cleaning glove. Some love it, some think its ridiculous, but I think we can all agree upon the fact that it is over priced. I actually love the glove. I feel as though my brush gets an amazing cleaning and that the process is faster then using a wash cloth or any other product. The material dosent come off as flimsy  it seems steady and ready to be used multiple times. So would I recommend the glove? Hells yeah. Does the price suck?  You bet. But knowing I dont have to buy another glove and the fact that it makes my brushes super clean(i.e. no soap or oil residue), the 40 bucks is worth it...sorry haters! That wasn't nice...oh well. On to the process. Unfortunately I decided to take pictures after I already cleaned my brushes, so next time I will have a video of the actually step by step method.

First I put a good amount of soap and a small amount of olive oil (depends on the amount of brushes your washing) in my bowl. The soap is meant to remove product build up and remove the bacteria from your brushes, the olive oil is meant to condition the hairs of your brush so the softness doesn't get stripped from the soap. Next I run some luke warm water, get my Sigma glove wet, pick up a brush, dip it in my soap & olive oil mixture and follow five simple steps of cleaning with the Sigma glove which are wash, rinse, refine, rinse, and shape. This step is pretty fast. The soap and oil mixture remove all traces of makeup from my brushes and the glove removes all traces of soap and oil from the brushes. 

I stack the brushes on a flat surface as I clean them and once finished I place them in my brush tree. Simple. Easy. Done. I will make a video of this process very soon with before and after photos of my brushes, so stay tuned. This method of brush cleaning has been perfect for me thus far. How do you clean your brushes at home?

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