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Sunday, July 26, 2015

Glamour Shots

A small amount of my MAC lipstick limited edition collection
Hey all! So sorry to have vanished for a bit. Just got back in Minnesota and I'm so ready and excited to start vlogging/blogging again!

The lighting in my room is so amazing between 8am-10am so I had to throw an impromptu photoshoot. Product photography is something I really love doing.

These are lipsticks from the following MAC collections; Aquatic, RiRi Loves Mac, Toledo, RiRi Viva La Glam, and Temperature Rising 

Finding new and fun ways to display a product, while getting in some photography practice, is always fun!

Also, please don't take this post as bragging, I am merely sharing some of my favorite packaged lipsticks. It takes a while to build a collection that you can really be proud of and one should feel excited to share it visually!

I hope you had a beautiful Sunday, and are ready to venture into another weekday with confidence. I will be posting lost of fun products and videos very soon.

It's such a blast to be a content creator for the beauty community! You all will be seeing a lot of me soon!

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