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Monday, July 6, 2015

Review: SauceBox Batalash Palette

Saucebox Batalash Palette
Today's review is going to be about one of the hottest palette's of the year and that's the limited edition SauceBox Batalash Palette. This palette is going fast and rightfully so. The color's are brilliant pigmented and extremely large in size. Though some have complained about the $60 price tag, the amount of product you received (4 grams an eyeshadow) more than offset's the price considering each shade is $7.50 and the average MAC eyeshadow is now $16 for 1.5 grams. Again this palette is a steal. 

Back of the box with product info
The palette was created in collaboration with the SauceBox company and the Batalash girls; Batalash consists of three makeup artist Samantha, Angela, and Dominique. They are all amazingly talented and very popular. With such a great collaboration they've created a beautiful palette that consists of 4 universal matte shades and 4 pearl finish shades. As of today (July  6 ) SauceBox reported that they only have 500 palette's left so I recommend grabbing one. Also there is currently a special going on to get 10% off,  the code is 10BUX , so please take advantage of that. The link to the palette is here.

What the inside of the palette looks like

Colors from left to right, top row to bottom row; Vanilla, Winter Brown, Cinnamon, Lace Noir, Enigma, Electro, Popper, and Nova.
The shades in the palette are Vanilla (a light cream matte), Winter Brown ( a light beige matte), Cinnamon (a rusty deep orange red matte), Lace Noir ( an off black matte), Enigma ( a shimmery orange copper pearl), Electro ( a shimmery canary yellow pearl), Popper ( a light blue pearl), and Nova ( a purple magenta pearl). The matte shades in the palette were extremely creamy and clung to the skin without the use of a primer, the pearl shades have a gorgeous luster about them that is pigmented and glowing. The swatches below were from one swipe on the pan and one swipe to the skin. They go on like butter! Popper did need another swipe to look close to the shade in the palette but that was barely a problem. My favorite shades from the palette are Engima, Nova and Cinnamon. This is one of my most favorite palette's of the year and very people of color friendly.

Colors swatched left from right, Vanilla, Winter Brown, Cinnamon, Lace Noir, Enigma, Electro, Popper, and Nova
So again please check out the link above and grab the palette while it's still available because after it goes out of stock they will not be bringing this palette back; and don't forget to take advantage of the promo code. This is my first purchase from SauceBox and I am very pleased and will be looking into buying more from the company. Below is a look I did with the palette, with details in the caption.

Mix of Vanilla and Winter Brown on my brow bone, Cinnamon throughout the crease, Lace Noir in the outer crease, Enigma on the lid, Enigma blown out on lower lash line with Nova ontop

So have you guys got a chance to try the palette? Thinking about buying? Tried any other SauceBox products? Please let me know in the comment's below!

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