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Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Sweet Treats: MAC Baking Beauties Collection

Hey All!
I am pretty mixed regarding the MAC Baking Beauties Collection. There are many things I love and many things that could DEFINITELY improve. MAC is capable of producing some pretty impressive products; at the same time they are guilty of the exact opposite. From the collection I purchased:

Pure Decoration Lipstick

Raspberry Swirl Lipstick

Lavender Whip Lipstick

Devil’s Food Lipstick

Mooncake Pro Longwear Paint Pot

Éclair Pro Longwear Paint Pot

Reflects Transparent Teal Glitter

I am very happy with the paint pots and the teal glitter, not so much with the lipsticks. I’ve reviewed each product individually so if you click the product above, it will take you to the review. If you have full lips and want to remotely even make any of the lipsticks work I advise you to lip line your lips so it’s less likely that the product will settle into lip lines. Did you get a chance to purchase any items from this collection? How are products working for you? How did you feel about this collection?

MAC Archie Collection

Products from left to right. Betty Pigment in Lucky in Love, Betty Pigment in Cheers My Dear, Betty Nail Lacquer in Pep Pep Pep, Betty Nail Lacquer Comic Cute, Archie's Girls Pearlmatte Face Powder in Flatter Me,  Veronica Powder Blush in Prom Princess, Betty Lipstick in Betty Bright, Veronica Lipstick in Daddy's Little Girl, Betty Lipstick in Oh, Oh, Oh, Veronica Lipstick in Ronnie Red, Betty Lipglass in Kiss & Don't Tell, Veronica Lipglass in Strawberry Malt, Veronica Lipglass in Mall Madness
MAC's collections can be so fun and this one by far was very fun.  Besides the lovely packing and the scattered hearts all over the products, I did manage to come across a few favorites. Please click the links to checkout of review of the pictured products!

Kpop Song Of The Week

This week's Kpop song of the week is Orange Caramel's Lipstick. When I listen to the song its like the theme of my blog. Its cute, playful, sexy and about lipstick (among other things). Orange Caramel is a subunit of the group After School and the members are Nana, Lizzy and Rania. The style of the subunit and creative cuteness with makes up makes this my kpop song of the week. The video itself is quirky and just the style I expect to encounter from the ever bright and gorgeous Orange Caramel girls! What do you guys think of the song or any other Orange Caramel song?

This photo below is a promo for the Lipstick song and the make up here isn't far off from the makeup in the video. The brows are thick with color and the eyes pop with glitter and thick lashes. Its fearless and different from the normally natural makeup you see from kpop and I honestly enjoy it.

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