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Thursday, July 9, 2015

Review: Simplehuman Sensor Mirror

Simplehuman Sensor Mirror, turned off.

Hey Beauty Queens and Kings! Today's review is one that I've been looking forward to doing for quite sometime; today I'll be reviewing the full size Simplehuman Sensor Mirror. It retails for $200 and is available to purchase from Sephora and Amazon.

According to Simplehuman the mirror provides 5x magnification with optimum brightness and color for exceptional detail while allowing you to see your whole face. The mirror automatically lights up as your face approaches so you never have to hit a button.

Close up of mirror, with light on

So I'm just going to list the pro's and con's of the mirror and whether or not its worth the hefty price tag.


  • The mirror is cordless, and it takes up less space on my vanity.
  • When fully charged, the mirror's battery can last up to a week. And it only needs, for me, about a day to be fully charged.
  • The mirror height is adjustable, so I can set it to a comfortable height when I do my makeup.
  • I can see my whole face clearly in the mirror and the lighting provided is extremely close to natural sunlight, so I can see the colors I'm using accurately and correctly.
  • I love the sensor and not having to turn the mirror off and on, it feels very cool and tech savvy to approach a mirror and it just turns on!

Mirror at max. height
Mirror at min. height

Side view of mirror
mirror also tilts up


  • The sensor can be finicky if you stay still too long; for instance if you're precisely filling in your brows, the sensor can turn the mirror off if it senses no movement. All you have to do is move a tiny bit for it to come back on so its not that bad, but can be annoying.
  • The mirror is at a constant 5x magnification; if you want to use it at a lower magnification thats not possible. But up close you see yourself very well.
  • The cost lol. The technology is amazing and Im not sure if there is anything else out on the market to compare this to price and performance wise; $200 spent a mirror is going to burn a little tear down the cheek of the most dedicated budgeting beauty junkie, who could think of all the makeup they could be buying for $200.

Mirror charges by USB (not the one pictured), the green indicates fully charged or turning on, red (not pictured) depicts charging or battery dying

I honestly love this mirror and can't imagine applying makeup without it.  What made me the most happy was knowing that I could actually travel with this mirror. Not that it's recommended but I hate having to do my makeup without it that much,  and I can adjust it to its most smallest size and bring it on my over night trips or travels. (Again this is of my own accord, this is NOT a selling point of the product, so I am not liable if you try and your mirror gets busted. Sorry hun!)

Do I recommend the mirror? Yes, if you want a mirror that has brilliant lighting, gives your vanity more space, can turn itself off and on, and have the $200 to spare. No, if you don't have the $200 to spare and have a reasonably priced light up mirror that has good lighting.

So what do you think? Are you wanting to try this product? Have you seen similar products on the market? Is it worth the $200 price tag? Let me know in the comments below and have a beautiful night you beauty queens and kings!


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  1. I just bought this mirror the other day and I'm having buyers remorse because I already have a vanity mirror, I just don't know if this is going to be that detrimental were it's worth the $200! 😩😩


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