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Sunday, July 5, 2015

Review: Sonia Kashuk Art of Makeup ABC Six Piece Brush Set

Sonia Kashuk Art of Makeup ABC Six Piece Brush Set

When it comes to Sonia Kashuk brushes you can't really go wrong. Quality, affordable, beautiful and available at Target, YES please! Sonia Kashuk brushes were the first I've ever purchased when my make up collection was in its baby stages; my collection has since then become a monster now and many amazing designer brushes have been added but I still purchase Sonia Kashuk. 

The limited edition Art of Makeup ABC Six-Piece Brush set is apart of Sonia’s spring collection and pays homage to artist Linda Mason. The theme behind the set is learning the ABC’s of accentuating, blending and contouring. I find this to be a very clever and neat idea for a brush set and at $24.99 these brushes, which are all made of goat hair, are an incredible buy.

The brush bristles burst (say that five times fast) with beautiful ombre colors, and the white handle is trimmed with gold caps and the corresponding letter and purpose of the brush on the brush. I adore these brushes, they are fun to use and look so gorgeous on my vanity.

A (Accentuate)  Face Brush
(A) Face Brush Close Up

The A for Accentuate Face and Eye brushes are meant to emphasize precise areas. The Accentuate Face brush would be brilliant for applying highlight or blush to the cheekbones. The Accentuate Eye brush would be great at applying color to the crease precisely and, with its fine point, blending and applying color to the bottom lash line.

A (Accentuate) Eye Brush
(A) Eye Brush Up Close

B (Blending) Face Brush

(B) Face Brush Close Up
The B for Blend Face and Eye brushes are meant to blend. The Blend Face brush would be amazing for applying loose powder all over the face and buffing out liquid foundation. The Blending Eye brush would be great for blending out eye shadow or precise contour lines.

B (Blending) Eye Brush
(B) Eye Brush Close Up

C (Contour) Face Brush
(C) Face Brush Up Close
The C for Contour Eye and Face brushes are meant to define with an angled brush.  In my opinion I wouldn’t use the Contour Face brush to contour. The brush is too large and dense to properly apply contour but would be great at blending out contour. I believe the face brush would be better suited to buff out foundation or applying loose or pressed powder. The Contour Eye brush would be great for applying color to the crease or, and this is the sole reason I love these small angled dense brushes, for blending out nose contour.

C (Contour) Eye Brush
(C) Eye Brush Close Up

All in all these brushes are worth the money and not much money to boot. I do not believe they are available online so please head to your nearest Target and pick them up while you can, they are absolutely gorgeous and worth every single penny, I promise.

Have a magical Sunday you beauty queens and kings!


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