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Sunday, February 10, 2013

MAC's Betty Lipstick Betty Bright

This shade and I will be attached at the hip probably all summer. 

Close up of Betty Bright

Swatch of Betty Bright
Betty Bright is described as a light vibrant peach, on my skin tone it comes off as a light peachy pink, and has a satin finish. It’s definitely a necessity for the sweet otaku vixens. I’m a sweet vixen, so yes they do exist. This is a lipstick that with the right eye makeup, would work for every girl.

I found the lipstick went on smoothly and was very pigmented. Though the lipstick does go into fine lines, just make sure your smoochers are smooth and hydrated before applying. All in all I really love this lip color and this lip forumla. It makes my lips appear more plump and I truly love that in a lipstick. I give this lipstick a B+. 

This lipstick is on sale for $16.50 and will be available again at I'm curious to see what this shade looks like on you guise.

Betty Bright on my lips


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