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Monday, February 11, 2013

Kpop Song Of The Week

Oh my gosh....this song not only deserves KPop song of the week, it also deserves a very special place in my heart. The song, dance, and video were unbelievable and a step up from what is usually seen in KPop videos. Its like fast and the furious meets KDrama. The dance is amazing and powerful, the song catchy. I've loved B.A.P since Warrior and have loved all their releases...this is hands down my favorite song and video from them. The K-Otaku part of my brain exploded countless times watching this video. I'm a B.A.P fan so it defiantly sent me through the motions. Whether you like KPop or not, or don't know what it is you'll appreciate this video. Enjoy and comment.


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