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Thursday, June 27, 2013

KPop Song of The Week...

Why can't American boys dress like this?

                         Nuest with their "girl why you gotta treat me so bad ballad" Hello.
There is no faster way for a man to get back on my good side, let alone in my heart, than by calling me and asking if I've eaten (if its implied his going to feed me). This song is so fricken sweet, I get teen girl butterflies every time I hear it. The video is very sad, watching these beautiful boys geting their lil hearts broken, but when I separated the video from the lyrics I clearly see why she didn't answer the phone. Yall are too damn clingy  I appreciate love and attention, but whoa whoa...slow down. You don't have to blow up my phone, or run faster to see me, if we agreed to meet we'll meet. Sheesh these Kpop boys, still love them. Any way, the song is beautiful its the only song from Nuest that I like. Wasn't the biggest fan of "FACE" (appreciated the message though) and the clothing in "Action" well there are just some things in life I cant get past (poor Ren). Here is the video:

Let me know your thoughts on the song and on this boy group in general. They are considered a rookie group and I believe they have a lot of potential. If you need to ask the blonde is a boy and his name is Ren....just google it.


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