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Monday, July 8, 2013

KPop Song of The Week

This weeks kpop song of the week is Sistar's Give It To Me. Oh yeah...they went there, and I quote "Baby give it to me, I'm sorry thats all I need." Yeah.. she isn't talking about the remote, maybe the credit card, but I'm pretty sure she's talkin bout the D. Cause sometimes that all we need, no chatter, just the D. ANY WAY... I love love love this song. Now last week 2NE1 released there comeback song Fallin In Love and I just wasn't feeling it; Great song and dance but when it came to thinking of a female groups comeback that I thoroughly enjoyed it was Sistar's Give It To Me. Oh my ga, that piano in the beginning and the angelic vocals of Hyorin was everything. The video had a very Moulin Rouge burlesque feel to it with lace, feathers, sequin the whole shebang and it was perfect.

I needed these outfits yesterday..

The girls thrust and popped and created a hit that is still, after being released June 10, number 1 on the Billboards Kpop Charts. This is a song to throw on when your fresh out the shower and about to get real sexy. Please checkout the incredible video. By the way after the song there is a couple of seconds of the girls making the video and it is very cute.

Let me know what you guys think and quite honestly I want to know what you guys think about the 2NE1 comeback. There have been a good amount of sexy themed comebacks and I understand if they are trying to make themselves stand apart but in all honesty it didn't out do their hit "I Love You". But this post is about the sexy Sistar, how are guise feeling the video?


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