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Monday, December 30, 2013

Kpop Song Of The Week

After a long break this weeks Kpop song of the week goes to Young Junhyung’s Flower. This song is right up my alley on so many levels. The slow beat, Yongs rapping and singing its amazing. This video is just about avant-garde and artistic as you can get in Kpop and I eat stuff like that up; especially in the case of my B2ST boys Yong Junhyun is the gorg juicy lipped rapper of the bunch. 

He is quite easily becoming one of my favorite writers and producers. The song itself and the melody are quite beautiful and melodic. I really want to see more from Yong and really adore his artistic direction and perspective. The video is crisp and visually picturesque.

The flowers in the video aren’t just merely decoration they are used in many metaphors and are incorporated in smart ways; My favorite being the shot through the heart and the blood being rose petals.  Girls don't bleed, we petal.

The fact that the name of the song is an actual concept in the video and is being used creatively is quite rare in Kpop but executed perfectly here.

Yong’s voice and style are equally lovable.  The melody of the song with the trumpet near the end makes me swoon. This has easily become a 2013 favorite and will be replayed over and over. Please check out the video below.


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