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Monday, July 1, 2013

KPop Song of The Week

Aww to be young and figuring out life and all its mysteries...

The Kpop song of the week is B.A.P with their debut single "Coffee Shop". I chose a previous song of B.A.P's, One Shot, for my first KPop song of the week and there is a clear difference in style and visual from the two videos. One Shot was very aggressive, very cocky, and bloody. Coffee Shop is smooth, with a relaxing melody and all instrumental background. The sound of the music definitely would fit being in a coffee shop. I enjoyed the song and its on repeat at my home, the video was very beautiful with all of the members exploring New York and not dripping sweaty masculinity. I love both sides of B.A.P honestly, the tough and the vulnerable. more important matters....

Kill it with fire- said everyone about that hat.

That hat.....that horrible hat. This video as sweet as it was, spent more than enough time trying to sell me this horrible church lady hat. And not only did they attempt to sell me this hat, they tried twice... in another color. I truly feel embarrassed for idols when they are told "Yeah this is totally hip and trendy, WEAR IT!". This hat is not  or stylish, lets just bury this hat in a time capsule with pastel kpop pants and Fx's wardrobe. ANYWAYS...
Enjoy the video, I did!


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