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Monday, May 25, 2015

Review: Wash & Dry Mac Highlight Powder

Mac HighLight Powder in Freshen Up
So lets just state the obvious, the multi color packaging and the product itself is absolutely beautiful. From the new Wash & Dry collection by Mac, the HighLight in Freshen Up was the main thing to catch my eye. I've definitely gone high lighter crazy as this is the 5th highlighter I've bought this year; but passing on this beauty was not an option.

The packaging is very sleek, a gorgeous teal to burnt orange to lemon yellow highlight. The product itself also an ombre of burnt orange to peach to banana with a shimmery overspray.  The HighLight is a standard Mac size of 1ml and the cost $35.50 is bit more expensive than Mac usually charges for a highlight. 

What I love about the product is that the colors blend beautifully on the cheek and it makes for a very warm peachy blush. You do have to build the product to your desired opacity and for my golden brown complexion it does take a couple swipes in the pan to get the desired affect. On the website Mac states that the look the product provides is well polished with a sheer veil of color that blends effortlessly. The product does look polished once applied and does blend well. 

What I don't like about this product is that it isn't a highlight. I'll never understand the thinking behind an overspray in a product. For me either it should shimmer or it should be matte and that's it, its pointless for the two to be combined or layered. Its down right annoying honestly. This product is really just an over priced sheer blush in pretty packaging, which isn't exactly a bad thing. Except that the potential of the product being a gorgeous shimmering three toned ombre highlight would have been pretty awesome. Instead, you get to momentarily enjoy the beautiful overspray and watch it disappear with each brush stroke into a matte DUSTY powder. Which brings along the second thing I don't like about his product, its too powdery. Once you get past the overspray its not a buttery smooth powder but a loose powder almost. It does look pretty on the skin but for what Mac is charging they could have given it a similar formula to their Extra Dimension Skin Finishes.

Product Swatch of Mac HighLight in Freshen Up, First three swatches of each individual color in pan, final swatch is of all colors swatched together.
My final take on the product is if you're a collector or a highlight junkie this is a beautiful product to own and to add to your collection. If you're looking for a peach highlight to become your summer staple I would say there are a lot of less expensive amazing quality products out there for you.

Also, because this is limited edition and has special packaging its currently sold out on the Mac and Macy website and is going to be a little difficult to come across online. So if you're looking to grab one or two try your local Mac free standing store or Macy's.

Did you get to grab anything from the Wash and Dry collection? Looking forward to any new collections? Let me know in the comments below. 


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