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Thursday, May 28, 2015

Review: Anastasia Beverly Hills Liquid Lipstick in Craft and Eye Shadow in Labyrinth

Craft Liquid Lipstick and Labyrinth Eye Shadow in Anastasia Beverly Hills packaging.
Hey all you lovely people! Plum colored lips and bedroom eyes is all a girl is wanting for the hot summer and these two products just might give it to you. For today's review I'm going to be talking about two items from the super hyped Anastasia Beverly Hills Summer collection. The collection is compiled of many new eye shadows, two new liquid lipsticks, and new water proof creme colors. 

Anastasia Beverly Hill's Liquid Lipstick in Craft and Eye Shadow in Labyrinth 
I decided to snatch up the Liquid Lipstick in Craft, a sparkly plum, which is $20.00 and the eye shadow single in Labyrinth, a smoldering deep orchid, which is $12.00. 

Berry eye shadows, shimmery or matte, make my feels swoon. If the shadow is berry on point (see what I did there)  I have serious love emotions. Labyrinth I didn't fall completely in love with like I thought I would. I expected a pigmented purple pink leaning towards the smokey side, and when I swatched the color it was a cute faint shimmery red pink. To get the color intensity that I saw in the pan I had to really layer the shadow. I do want to see what the shadow has to offer over a primer and think it will perform better with one. So once I try that I'll post the picture and  add that information to my review.

The product was a tad bit powdery but when layered it had decent staying power. Sometimes Anastasia shadows can be a hit or a miss and I am kind of disappointed with the shadow.

From Top to Bottom: Labyrinth swatch, Craft Swatch in natural sunlight.
I adore a berry plumy lip and I find them to be the most sexy of all the lips colors which is why I had to make Craft mine (also its named after my childhood fave witch movie). The formula is creamy and extremely pigmented. The swatch on my wrist in the photo is done with a light hand and the product is brilliant, beautiful, smooth, and there was no tugging at all during application. 

Craft Liquid Lipstick applied to my lip
This lipstick makes me want to do hair flips and pouty lips for days. Craft is very WOC friendly and it was more of a deep raspberry color on my lips but looked beautiful on my golden brown complexion. 

What I love most about the formula of these lipsticks is that they're very blendable and you can mix them to create beautiful custom shades.

Please remember that you have to moisturize your lips before applying any lipstick especially MATTE liquid lipsticks or your lips will feel like sandpaper, beautiful looking sandpaper.

So all in all I love the lipstick its universally color friendly and you get a decent amount of product for the $20 bucks. If you are into these tones this lipstick is definitely worthy of being added to your vanity. 

Also please see my separate post regarding ABH shipping....because that's another story that I didn't want to over shadow the review with.

So did you get any products from the ABH summer collection? Have you tried any of their liquid lipsticks or shadows? If so, what's your fave? Comment below :) 


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