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Sunday, April 21, 2013

Otaku Treasures

Hey Beauty Otakus
This week I've had my eyes on a limited edition lipstick set from Bite Beauty and a set of limited edition duo fiber brushes from Real Techniques. When it comes to limited edition items my inner battle level is usually at a 9.
My heart is like

"but it will never be made again"

but my brain is like

Well Otaku's I gave into my heart.... and ordered both.

The lipsticks themselves are very interesting and I love real technique brushes to begin with. The lipsticks are new from Bite Beauty and are part 1 of the Cuvee Deluxe Lipstick Collection, which is exclusively sold at (not in stores), what makes them so interesting is that they are derived from Champagne grapes, freshwater Tahitian black pearls, and Japanese silk powder. Fancy huh. The lipsticks themselves are limited to 1200 per shade and not only are the lipsticks new but this is a brand new formula. For $72 bucks for four lipsticks I'm hoping for a stellar product (Sephora's return policy made me feel better about the purchase too), If your interested here is a link to the set: .

Real Technique brushes are the least expensive but most amazing quality brushes I've ever used. For the price range of $5.99-19.99 they are consistent in quality and get your makeup looking nice without breaking the bank. I don't have enough Duo Fiber brushes in my collection so three for the price of $19.99 plus an Ulta coupon, it all adds up to a pretty good deal. If your interested here's a link:

Well what have you guises purchased recently or had your eye on? How are you guise spending your Sunday? I'm spending mine relaxing with a chai lattee and a Twilight Zone marathon.

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